Introducing Me

When I was in the 6th Grade, I read an article about a study that concluded that students who maintained a diary tended to do much better academically then those who didn’t.

Totally makes sense given that the major problem I seem to notice among my friends and myself is that

  1. We have too many feelings and not enough of an outlet for them, or
  2. We dramatize our life and feelings too much without actually pausing to consider that our lives our great.

Hi, I’m Vikki. I’m an 18 (and a half) years old undergrad student and this is my life.

I realized a long time that everyone my age (including to an extremely large extent – me) aren’t able to communicate our feelings primarily because we feel the need to prove that our thoughts are deep and meaningful and hence end up brooding, rather than talking.

In order to bring about a change in my life, I’ve decided to anonymously blog my life. The anonymity will give me the freedom to express my views and share with you what happens in my life without fear of judgment by friends and family (although if history proves anything, it is that they will always be supportive of everything I do).

So welcome to the diary, travelogue, memoirs and life of Vikki.



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