#1 The Majestic Roof – Meeting Xavia

With a new blog or diary, I feel it’s very important to establish the personalities and opinions of people around you so that it makes sense to you when I begin ranting to you about what my best friends are up to or what exactly it is that my roommates did to drive me crazy.

However, given that I wouldn’t want to detail a biased view of them I will not tell you my opinions of them. Instead I’m going to pick one person at a time and describe my favorite memory of them in the upcoming posts. And who better to start with than my closest friend in the whole wide world.

Out of my three best friends, Xavia is my oldest. I’ve decided to call her Xavia because I know she would love it (Dan Brown – Deception Point). She loves that name.

Xavia and I have been friends since we were in the 8th grade. In fact she was the one who gave my nickname/pseudonym i.e. Vikki. I haven’t told her about my decision to blog because like I said in the first post, I want to preserve the anonymity. However, I bet if she knew she’d join in. Despite knowing each other for 5 years, it was only in the 11th grade when I moved away that we finally became this close. There were a few rough patches in between but I’m so glad I have her.

My favourite memory of hers is from the 10th grade. When she found out that I had never watched “The Blind Side”, we made plans to meet up and watch it together in the evening at her place. The very same day, I got the results of my class test and my parents weren’t too happy with my performance so I couldn’t go.

As I sat in my room feeling miserable, I texted her that I couldn’t make it. Here’s the (paraphrased) conversation

Vikki: I should probably stay home… Dad’s kinda upset about the Science marks

Xavia: Mmm same here. You okay?

V: I’ll be okay. What’s up? (Don’t you dare say the roof or the sky)

X: Well. You know. The Roof.

V: Ugh. You and your roof

X: What?! Roofs are cool. They deserve poems and sagas about them

And just like that, in a bid to cheer me up, came into existence our literary masterpiece. Presenting to you “The Roof” by Vikki and Xavia –

That majestic roof so high above

Made of dust and yet with love.

It holds up and stays against all odds

All the same for a weary traveler or the lords.

It stands there for what seems like an eternity

Until time so sluttish, timidly

Destroys it without a second glance

Piece by piece, it loses its stance.

But even as it crumbles the memories still remain

Of what once was but maybe, just maybe, its pain?

Fearfully it ponders upon the approaching end

But why so quiet O roof?  A whisper why won’t thou lend?

Reveal those secrets that you’ve known so long

Free that weight Oh so strong. (pun intended)

The spot where we now stand, is it special?

What stories of here do you have for us to revel?

Tales of princesses or tales of hellhounds?

Tell me please, for I’m spellbound!

I stand right here, admiring thee

And all those secrets you so fervently keep.

Parabatai. Bestie. Awesome.


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