My take on Riverdale

After almost a year of it being announced, Riverdale’s finally been released! I figured since reading books and watching shows are two of my favorite things in life, I owe my blog a review.

Growing up, I loved reading Archies. Among all the serious books and shows with a message, Archie comics provided a certain light-hearted humor that never failed to entertain anyone. Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones have always been my favorite of the gang. So naturally, I was thrilled (albeit a little skeptical) when I found out that CW was adapting Archies to a series named Riverdale and was even more excited when I found out that Cole Sprouse had been cast as Jughead.

However when the trailers were released, it portrayed a side of the characters that was very different from that depicted in the comics. Trailers depicted a dark side of the residents of Riverdale as never seen before. What shocked me most was the story line depicting a rift that had come between Archie and Jughead, for even in my wildest dreams, I could never have ever imagined Jughead as anything but jovial.

Further trailers then described the murder of Jason Blossom and how it tore the town apart as they questioned everything they knew about each other. It was then that I released that Riverdale was far far away from being the comedy that it was intended in the book.

However I realized that Archies had always been intended to target teenagers and preteens. When televised the purpose should be the same.  Even if the show shifts focus from the humorous side of the comics, it does keep that purpose in mind.

The murder of Jason Blossom and the secrets Archie has accumulated over the summer create a certain intrigue that makes the show worth a watch. The show does have a few kinks it needs to work out before it is able to reach its full potential but once that is accomplished, it could be a hit.

The characters in the show may not be quite the same as portrayed in the comics, but Riverdale’s take on them is definitely interesting. Betty Cooper as a girl tired of being a perfectionist is a very relatable character for me and Lili Reinhart has definitely done a great job in bringing the character to life. Cole Sprouse’s Jughead may not be as involved as one desires but hopefully that will be rectified in the upcoming episodes. All in all, Riverdale is a pretty good teenage drama and worth a watch (even if it is as a guilty pleasure).

Anyways, gotta go. Unbelievable twist in the latest episode of Shadowhunters!


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