Travel Diaries #1 Mumbai

Today I write to you from the airport (well I’ll post later but the post is being written at the airport). That’s right! It’s time for my very first travel diary.

Right now I’m waiting for the flight that’s taking me to my cousin’s wedding in Mumbai. While weddings are a great occasion and I get to see my family etc, I admit I have an ulterior motive – I get to meet Xavia! Sure she’s got college and I’ll be busy at the wedding but at least we’ll get a day to catch up, and this is the first time we’re meeting since July 2016 (which doesn’t sound that long ago as I type it out but feels like about a century).

While I do get to meet Xavia, I’m also kind of disappointed because originally mum was supposed to come on the trip with me and I was really looking forward to meeting her, but due to unavoidable circumstances, she had to cancel her tickets at the last minute.

Nevertheless, I am super excited because:

  • This is the first vacation I’m going on alone
  • It’s Mumbai i.e. I get to see the sea ❤ I’ve missed it so much
  • The wedding itself should be awesome naturally
  • I get to meet Xavia

I even accessorized(ish) for the trip. I have my parabatai rune locket! Xavia gifted it to me on my birthday and so we have identical runes.

Anyways, I’m going to be busy for the next week with this trip, so sorry about any delays in posting and I’ll try to keep you guys updated about the holiday. Bye!



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