One Month Anniversary – Life As a New Blogger

Before I begin this post I want you to picture the look on your face when your mum catches you sneaking out snacks from the kitchen in the middle of the night or when you’re cheating on a test and the invigilator looks directly at you. Have it yet? Good. Then you have a clear picture of the expression I had when I was typing out my latest post a couple nights back and my one of my roommates looked at me very intently. Here’s how the conversation went

Her – Whatcha doing?

Me – Just writing an E-mail

Her – Oh so you aren’t blogging?

Me – *Frozen stunned expression*

She has got to have unbelievable telepathic skills! How could she have possibly guessed blogging? She hasn’t even ever read a blog before or known what exactly blogs are.

Hmm. Maybe I should finally give her a nickname. She says she doesn’t mind me revealing her identity but I’m still going to assign one anyways. How about Sasha? That works right?

In case you’re wondering what this post is about, I’ve decided to give you all an update about how the “anonymity” and blogging is working out so far.

Got to give this to Sasha – she’s been unbelievably cool about it. She even agreed not to tell my other roommate (let’s call her… Leah?). I showed her my posts and assured her that I haven’t written anything embarrassing about her or anyone else and she agreed that maybe not telling anyone about the blog is the best idea for now.

I started the blog based on an idea my best friend #3 Leo gave me so naturally he knew all along. A week into writing, I told my college best friend i.e. best friend #4 Arya (At this point the nickname assigning process is just becoming incredibly random, I’m pretty much making this up as I go) and it was such a relief having someone know. She was incredibly supportive!

Within the same week, Sasha managed to guess that I couldn’t possibly have so many people to E-mail she realized I was blogging. Leah’s still pretty much in the dark. Since so many people finally knew, I ended up telling my Mom too but I didn’t give her the link or tell her the name.

Last week I finally gave in. I’m terrible at keeping secrets from the people I love so I ended up telling Xavia, Zombie and Mom. All three of them have been great! Xavia was the first to get the message and she instantly loved it. She was especially super excited about the post about her and she’s shown it to so many people since.

I was seriously scared about telling Z for some reason. Its not that anything bad could happen but I was worried about his reaction so I spent about a day gathering up the courage to tell him. Finally Xavia managed to yell/reason with me into doing it. For about 5 minutes after I gave him the link, I got no reply for him and my heart was in my mouth. Turns out he was just reading the posts and he seems to love it. Mom’s been pretty cool about it too.

This past month has been great and I have learned so much that it feels unbelievable that its only been 31 days. So many of you have been so very supportive (you know who you are) and have provided all this lovely encouragement that has really helped me stay on  track. Thank you so much for all the love!



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