Travel Diaries #4 Mumbai

It’s time for day 4 of the travel Diaries! While I understand that this may not be as interesting as the posts I usually write, I’d decided a long time ago that I’d include all the highlights of my life in these posts and this trip is one of them.

Today was the wedding that I originally made this trip for. Like all traditional South Indian weddings it began at the torturous hour of 7 A.M which means I had to get up at 5 to get there and I was still late.

The wedding took place on the beach and it was simply gorgeous. Juhu beach is so clean and I loved the idea of having the wedding by a natural element. Here’s a picture of the view.

The Hindu wedding was a blast and I loved catching up with relatives.

This ceremony was followed by a Jewish ceremony. This was my first Jewish wedding and I honestly enjoyed it very much. I’ve always heard about how people cry at weddings and I never understood it but when I heard the bride and groom’s wedding vows, I understood why. I wish I could include the bride’s picture because she looked stunning (and my photography wasn’t half bad).

Despite the amazing weddings let’s get to the highlight of my day – I met Xavia! It’s been so long and I’ve missed her so much! We met up at McDonald’s with another friend of hers and were supposed to go shopping at Linking Road (another place slightly similar to Causeway) but I was exhausted after the wedding so we just chatted over coffee. It was pretty refreshing.

I came back home pretty late and wanted to crash immediately but ended up being dragged to yet another wedding party with the family. Ah well, at least it was fun.

Here are my recommendations for today:

1. Juhu Beach – The beach is absolutely gorgeous and so very clean! You’re bound to have a great time there.

2. Linking Road – Another shopping Street quite like Causeway. It’s colourful, interesting and quite enjoyable if you love culturally rich purchases and shopping.

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