The Dreaded Exams!

Hi everyone! I’m terribly late in posting today’s post because yes – It’s Exam time!

While unlike most people, I’m usually pretty calm during exam preparations, I haven’t really had too much time to myself the past few days. Ever since I’ve gotten back from Mumbai it’s been a frenzy of begging teachers to check my assignments and give me extensions on submissions.

Now that I have to shift my focus to studying for the next week, I may not be able to post as frequently. Sorry in advance! So instead here are a few tips that help me de-stress when I’m freaking out about my exams-

  1. Don’t go for group studies unless its someone you’ve been studying with for years. You’ll either end up wasting both your times or freaking out even more because the other person is freaking out
  2. Space your studies out with a little music in between. All that mugging up in the last time will drive you crazy otherwise
  3. Before you start preparing, keep all the things you need around you or you’re bound to waste most of your time just looking for a textbook or some notes.
  4. Drink plenty of water and don’t forget to eat! Also don’t multitask – eating and studying rarely mix, you’ll just end up doing both wrong.
  5. Sleep well. Staying up late or getting up way too early may seem like a good idea but it rarely helps and will just make you more lethargic during exams.
  6. Listen in class! If you’ve understood everything there it will eliminate the need to study it later and you’ll have more time to just focus on revision

As I write all this, it occurs to me that maybe I’m not so great at following these steps myself. Ah well, wish me luck!


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