Riverdale Mid Season Review (Spoilers Abundant)

As some of you might know, one of my first few posts when I had just begun blogging was a review on the first episode of Riverdale that aired on January 26, 2017.

The first season, intended to be 13 episodes long, has come a long way since. The seventh episode was recently aired and the show has already been renewed for a second season. Hence given that we’re now halfway through Season 1, I thought I’d write an update about the show.

A lot of people have ridiculed me for being obsessed with a show with so much obvious drama intended to capture attention, but honestly, I really do enjoy watching it. The obvious cliffhanger of Cheryl claiming she was guilty, and then immediately clarifying that she was guilty of lying, not murder in the next episode was a little on the nose. Other than that however, the storyline is truly intriguing and deserves far more credit than it is given.

One of my primary complaints with the Pilot was that Jughead was not quite as involved as I wished. In the first episode, the only role that he seemed to play was that of narrator and that troubled me a little because I really wanted to see more of Cole Sprouse. Present episodes have definitely resolved that as Jughead is much more involved, especially with the investigation of Jason Blossom’s murder. His budding romance with Betty, however, came as a surprise. I’m withholding judgment on it yet, but I don’t have much of an issue with it so far. In fact I’m growing to appreciate it.

Another thing that bothered me majorly in the Pilot was the summer fling between Grundy and Archie. Grundy in the comics was a strict, serious and much older teacher and it was honestly disturbing to see her on the show with Archie. Naturally, you can imagine why I was relieved when she was forced to leave the town and things came back to normal. I’m already dreading her return.

My favourite character in the show currently is definitely Veronica Lodge. Veronica is strong, sassy and smart while simultaneously being sensitive and understanding. She is not as majorly involved in the story line as the others but nevertheless, she is the one character you want to look out for. In the comics, I always shipped Veronica and Archie over Betty and Archie, so I do hope that something happens there soon.

Now that we’re on the topic of Archie I do have to mention – in 5 episode he had kissed 4 girls. So much of Archie and the girls does disappoint me a little but other than that he is pretty okay. He does pale in comparison to the other characters though.

Last but not the least, is Betty. Admittedly, I did find her character slightly annoying in between, but overall I think her story is very well put and I think Lili Reinhart has done an excellent job portraying Betty. Betty’s struggle to find out what really happened to Jason Blossoms and to protect her sister Polly against get parents wishes is inspiring and shows a strong character.

All in all, I really do believe they​ show is heading in a great direction and deserves a watch. If any of you are following Riverdale, do leave a comment about your opinion on how the show is progressing! Have a great day!



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