Top 5 Thursdays #1 Comedy Shows to Clear Your Head

Hello everyone! As some of you might know, I recently joined the Goodreads group of Top 5 Wednesdays and have posted 3 posts since.

Usually I post on an alternate day schedule, but since Wednesdays don’t coincide with this schedule, I decided to create my own segment of Top 5 that I will post on all the Thursdays where this Wednesday scheduling difference occurs (Hence almost every alternate Thursday).

While most of my posts have been based on books, I did not start the blog with only them in mind. Hence on these Thursday posts, I will be choosing topics related to Shows and Movies instead. Hopefully, these posts will interest all you lovely readers! Today’s topic – Comedies to clear your head when you’re overburdened.

1. F.R.I.E.N.D.S

I don’t think any list of comedies is ever complete without mentioning Friends. While I’ve read many articles that describe Friends as hyped or overrated, I personally really enjoyed watching it and it is my Go-to show. It really helps me relax and de-stress when I need to.

Friends follows the lives of six reckless adults living in Manhattan, as they indulge in adventures which make their lives both troublesome and happening.

2. Selfie

Selfie was taken off air after the first episode itself, and only 13 episodes were ever made – a fact that disappoints me to no end. Selfie may be slightly predictable but it is the kind of show that makes you feel good for no reason and laugh at lame jokes. It requires zero brain for watching, and yet can be quite relaxing and entertaining. I wish they’d make a season 2.

After being the subject of an embarrassing viral video, a self-involved 20-something enlists the help of a marketing expert to revamp her image in the real world.

3. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

I started this show quite recently and it has grown quite quickly to be one of my favourites. The main character, Jake Peralta, is now one of my favourite characters of all time and the storyline is humorous and interesting too. The show just went on a season break with a cliffhanger (no spoilers!) and I cannot wait for April 1st when the next episode releases!

Jake Peralta, a talented detective, along with his diverse but carefree team, struggles when a new commanding officer, Ray Holt, is appointed to their precinct.

4. The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory is on its tenth season now and is getting slightly exhausting. However, the initial seasons were pretty good and lately the episodes have been getting better. It’s always pretty comfortable to grab a snack and just sit and watch a couple of episodes.

The lives of socially awkward physicists Leonard Hofstadter and Sheldon Cooper take a wild turn when the beautiful and free-spirited Penny moves in next door.

5. Modern Family

After the kids in the show grew up, I stopped liking it as much but the first 4 seasons of Modern Family are excellent and worth a watch.

Three modern-day families from California try to deal with their kids, their quirky spouses and their jobs in their own unique ways, often resulting in crazy capers.

Another show that just missed my top 5 is Community, but the only reason it hasn’t been included is that I lost interest in it by the sixth (and last) season. #SixSeasonsAndaMovie

And that’s all for today! I hope you liked this post and do leave the shows that you watch in order to relax in the comments!



  1. I do agree that ever since the kids have grown up, modern family has lost its charm, but I feel that it’s regaining it with it’s new season.

    And my personal opinion on Friends, I do find it a little overrated, not that its not funny, it is. But is it that funny to be the number one comedy ever….no. Or maybe I don’t find it because they have those fake laughter sounds. I feel like through them they are trying to tell people that you’re supposed to laugh here. That really puts me off.

    Liked by 1 person

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