Shadowhunters – My View so Far

As many of you might know, Freeform recently released a new series by the name Shadowhunters, based on the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare. The series premiered on January 12, 2017 and is now reaching the end of Season 2. Being a huge fan of Cassandra Clare, I have been closely following the series and I thought I’d share my views with you guys.


  • MALEC ❤ Everywhere I go,  I will always look for Magnus and Alec and I feel like the series captured them perfectly. All of their insecurities, the old-married-couple like behavior and the difficulties they face done pretty well. At some point, I was watching the show purely for a little more Malec.


  • Even though Max was only in 2-3 minor scenes in Season 1,  I did love the adorable-ness.
  • I feel like they got Isabelle really right, at least up till Season 1. She is strong, independent and badass and she has always been one of my favorite female characters.
  • Simon, just like in the book, is my absolute favorite. All of his awkwardness and goofiness is perfect and the role has been cast perfectly



  • Jace’s haircut in the first season. I don’t care if that makes me sound shallow but dear lord did that bother me!


  • The fact that they killed off Jocelyn. I expect her to be back soon somehow, but killing her is deviating from the story far too much and I didn’t like that very much.
  • I feel like they introduced too many changes in Luke’s character. I do like him even then, but it still bugs me a little that they changed him from a book store owner to a Police Officer.
  • Isabelle’s “addiction” to Yin Fen.
    a) She looks like a drug addict – something which would never happen in the books to the real Izzy.
    b) Through the Yin Fen thing, she also had a weird thing with Rafael which was just annoying. Rafael was the one Downworlder in the book who did his best to just stay out of Clave business.
  • The introduction of new characters like Lydia Branwell and Victor Aldertree for no reason. I’m not saying they’re bad, just unnecessary.
  • I hated the way they showed Max in Season 2’s recent episode. Max is supposed to be innocent and uninvolved in the Institute’s workings
  • They’re rushing through the story way too fast. It’s just the second season and Jace already knows that he’s not Valentine’s son. At this rate they’ll have to start inventing even more far-fetched stories.

Overall, I am following the show closely and I do appreciate certain bits, but I do hope it improves because I am starting to lose a little interest in it.

And that’s all for today! In case you are following the show too, do leave what you think about it in the comments.



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