The Black Cat Blue Sea Award

Hi everyone! Today’s post is about the Black Cat Blue Sea Award. As the description for the award goes –

“This award is for bloggers who strive to write for everybody, and no matter how many viewers they get, make an impact on reader. This award is an expression of gratitude to the nominee. It should be awarded to anybody that you choose deserves it, and it doesn’t mean that they must have hundreds of followers and likes.”

Thank you so much for the nomination Lois and David! Please check out their blog – I enjoy reading every single post so very much!


  • Anybody nominated can nominate eight other bloggers.
  • The nominee answers three questions posted by the nominator.
  • The questions you ask while nominating can be any three questions.
  • If any of the question asked are offensive or the nominee simply does not want to answer, the nominee does not have to answer them to earn the award.


1. Do you have any pets, if so what do you have (pictures please). If you don’t have any pets, what if anything would you like to have as a pet?

Unfortunately, I don’t have a pet although I really really do love dogs. If I could have any pet here’s my choice:
A Phoenix! Exactly like Fawkes.

A dog. Like I said, I love dogs.
2. What is your dream job, why and how long has it been your dream job?

I’ve always wanted to be an author. I think it started somewhere in the 10th grade, because that’s when I watched Castle and I think leading a life like Richard Castle’s would be awesome – although I know that that’s not how authors actually live.
3. What is one thing on your bucket list that you want to complete this year and why?

Although I doubt I’ll be able to complete it this year, I would like to visit “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Los Angeles”

And that’s all for today! I won’t be nominating anyone for this award just yet. I’ve really enjoyed answering the questions and thank you so much for the nomination Lois and David!


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