#4 Happy Birthday! – Meeting Arya

In posts before, I’ve posted about 3 out of my 4 best friends and I had decided to share with you my favorite memories of the people closest to me. I was looking for an opportunity to post about best friend #4 and what better time to do it than her birthday!

That’s right! It’s my best friend’s birthday! Happy Birthday Arya!

For all of you who have no clue who I’m talking about, Arya is my best friend from college. I met her when I joined my first year in July and we were allotted the same class and for almost a month she was pretty much the only person I talked to.

Not a lot has changed since then. Sure we have a group of friends now but she’s still the person I talk to the most in class. She is a really funny and chill person and every conversation with her is loads of fun. In fact, Arya was the first person that I told about the blog and she was incredibly enthusiastic. She’d read all my posts and would always be there to listen to me as I rambled on about what I posted recently.

My favorite memories of hers is from after our classes, when we’d sit in the Lab and talk about what happened in our classes and in our lives. She has an incredible knack to cheer me up when I’m down and make me laugh so hard in class that we inevitably get the evil eye from our Professors.

So Arya – Happy Birthday again! Have a great day and an amazing year and I promise I’m going to bother you till you go crazy in all our classes and giggle away to glory while our teachers presume we’re insane.



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