Top 5 Thursdays #2 Favorite Doctor Who Companions

Hello everyone and welcome to top 5 Thursdays! For those of you who don’t know, top 5 Thursdays is my own segment that I write on every Thursday that coincides with my alternate day posting schedule.

Today’s post started out as top 5 female leads but I soon realised that I was only listing Doctor Who companions – so I thought, why not change it up a little? So here’s presenting my favorite Doctor Who companions –



Clara is played by Jenna Louise-Coleman. She was the companion for the Eleventh and the Twelfth Doctor i.e. Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi and was part of the cast for 3 Series (from Series 7 to 9).

Personally, I liked Clara better with Twelve than I did with Eleven.


Rory Williams

Rory is played by Arthur Darvill. He was companion to the Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond’s fiance. He first appeared in Series 5, although he didn’t become a regular immediately. Amy and Rory were part of the show till Series 7.



Amy Pond is played by Karen Gillan and is the companion to the Eleventh Doctor. She joined the show is Series 5 along with Rory, albeit as a regular; and stayed on the show till Series 7.



Donna Noble is portrayed by Catherine Tate and she played the companion of the Tenth Doctor. She originally appears on the Christmas special “The Runaway Bride” and later joined as a regular in Series 4.



Rose Tyler is portrayed by Billie Piper and was the first companion of the Doctor after the revival of the series. She was companion to the Ninth and Tenth Doctor (played by Christopher Eccleston and David Tenant respectively) and was part of the show in the first two series.

And that’s it! This list was really hard to make because I love each and every companion so much and it was impossible to select just 5. The only reason I didn’t include River Song was because she was never actually a regular companion. She is however one of my favorite characters from the show! For all you Whovians there, do tell me which companion is your favorite in the comments.



  1. I started watching Doctor Who a couple of months ago. I am in the middle of season 4 and right now my favourite companion is Rose. Though Donna is coming really close to replacing her. I guess I’m just not over ‘doomsday’…

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