Get to Know Me Tag

Hi everyone! I’m so excited to present a new tag – The Get to Know Me Tag! I was nominated for this by Lois and David. Thank you so much for the tag  and please do check out their blog for all things book!


NAME: Well the blog is anonymous so I can’t mention that –  but it does start with an M
BIRTHDAY: 6th June
OCCUPATION: University Student


HAIR COLOR: Black. Just jet black.
HAIR LENGTH: I’ve always had really long hair, almost up to my waist. It starts out straight and ends in a bunch of curls so it doesn’t seem as long though. This one time 2 years ago, I cut my hair right till my ear but its all grown back and I enjoyed the short hair experience
EYE COLOR: I feel it’s a really deep brown but it just looks black unless you look at it under bright light.
BEST FEATURE: I’m not sure actually, I’ve never given it much thought. I am fascinated by my nose sometimes but not because its my best feature, but because it seems disproportionately tiny.
BRACES: Didn’t need them so never got them.
PIERCINGS: My ear lobes have been pierced since childhood.
TATTOOS: None. I’m not a fan because I know I’ll just keep drawing on it to see if I could make it better – and instead make it far worse.
RIGHT OR LEFT: Right handed through and through.


REAL HOLIDAY: I’ve gone on a lot of them, out of which most were to meet my grandparents. I’m not quite sure which was my first vacation, but my favorite was the one to Dubai 2 years ago
BEST FRIEND: No names (because of anonymity) but my first best friend was actually our family friend and we pretty much grew up together, and I am happy that we’re still in touch. My current best friends are Xavia, Zombie, Leo and Arya. A lot of them. I know.
AWARD: I won a Healthy Baby Competition in our neighborhood when I was 7 months old. Does that count?
SPORT: I’ve never been a sporty person as such. I did play basketball for a while a couple of years ago but I wasn’t any good at it. Just played to spend a little time with my friends.
CONCERT: I just went for my first concert last month but it isn’t anything worth mentioning


TV SHOW: Oh dear lord where do I start? Doctor Who, Sherlock, Castle, House M.D., Supernatural, Merlin, Selfie, F.R.I.E.N.D.S., The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, Brooklyn Nine-Nine Riverdale (recently) and so many many more.

COLOR: Purple. I am partial to Dark Purple but I also like Lavender. Second favorite would have to be Turquoise.
SONG: I gain and lose interest in songs very fast but the one constant that I have always loved is Counting Stars by OneRepublic.
RESTAURANT: Kobe’s Sizzlers. I love that place.
SHOP: Any bookstore any day. I love the smell of new books. For clothes, I like H&M.
BOOKS: The Martian by Andy Weir

SHOES: Anything that is comfortable. For some reason I just can’t stand heels. Right now, I like wearing Skechers.


FEELING: Sleepy. Really sleepy. I haven’t had time to sleep in the past 2 days because I’ve had so much homework.
SINGLE OR TAKEN: Single and I intend to stay that way as long as possible.
EATING: It’s the middle of the night so I’m sneaking into the kitchen and picking out cereal, because its yummy. I’d love a pizza though.
THINKING ABOUT: Where I could go for lunch tomorrow. Also where I could go to watch Beauty and The Beast
WATCHING: Modern Family. It’s playing in the background as I type.
WEARING: Batman PJ’s and a Flash T-shirt. What a happy coincidence, I didn’t realize until now.


WANT CHILDREN: Haven’t given it any thought and I don’t want to yet. I’m comfortable living life as it comes and goes.
WANT TO BE MARRIED: Again, haven’t thought of it yet. I want to live my own life first before I start thinking about this stuff
CAREERS IN MIND: No clue yet
WHERE YOU WANT TO LIVE: I want to live somewhere close to my family, preferably a city with beaches. I love the sea.


GOD: I do, but I feel like everyone has a different perception of what God is to them and I don’t think I’ll be going into what I think. Nevertheless, I do believe that good deeds in our lives are important because it does come around in some way.
MIRACLES: No. Not really.
LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT: Again no. It just doesn’t seem likely.
GHOSTS: Nope again.
ALIENS: I think there might be alien life forms but I believe they would be more like described in Deception Point by Dan Brown, not squat weird green creatures.
SOUL MATES: Not really. But then again I don’t really know if  I believe in love.
HEAVEN: Not really.
HELL: Not really
KISSING ON THE FIRST DATE: No. But then again I haven’t ever been on a real date. I really don’t think I’d kiss though.
YOURSELF: I hope so. It comes and goes.

I’d like to nominate Silas@TheGuyDiaries for this tag. Thank you so much again Lois and David for this wonderful tag. I really enjoyed it!



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