#5 Interview With My Friends – Leo

Hello everyone! Lately, a lot of my posts have been revolving around books so I thought I’d change things up.

Today’s post is an interview with my best friend Leo about yours truly. For those of you who missed it, I posted about Leo a couple of weeks back. You can check out the post here. For this post we Googled common best friend questions and here’s what we got.

1. What’s my favorite color?

L: Purple
Me: Correct!

2. What are the top 3 places in the world that I want to visit?

L: Miami, Moscow and some place with a beach.
Me: Paris, Hong Kong and Singapore.

3. What’s my favorite food?

L: Sushi
Me: I’m a vegetarian! How could you have possible not known that?
L: Seriously?! I completely forgot *laughs*
Me: *rolls eyes*

4. Whose my celebrity crush?

L: K. J. Apa from Riverdale
Me: Bradley James from Merlin
L: I don’t even know him, how could I have possibly guessed that?

5. Whose my current real life crush?

L: That guy from your class!
Me: What an inventive way to get me to tell you who I like!
L: Oh come on! Tell me who it is?
Me: Nobody at the moment.
L: Dear lord are you boring.

6. How many minutes do I take to get dressed?

L: 5 minutes given that you don’t care how you look.
Me: I choose to take that as a compliment.

7. What are the things that I carry with me at all times?

L: Phone and headphones.
Me: Pretty much since my headphones are basically attached to my body now. Oh and you forgot my wallet.

8. Who was my first kiss?

Me: Haha relax – not yet. I just wanted to see how you react.
L: *disdainful expression*

9. What annoys me the most?

L: That’s a long long long list.
Me: Shush I’m a really nice person okay?
L: If that’s what you believe. *laughs* Hmm lets see – people who stick to you too much?
Me: Fake accents

10. What’s my favorite season?

L: Spring
Me: Monsoon. I love rains.
L: Wow. Did I get any question right?

11. What’s my favorite sport?

L: Basketball
Me: Yes but only because I pretended to know how to play basketball, not because I’m any good at it.

12. What do you like about me?

L: *laughs and falls on the floor*
Me: *frowns* Answer carefully or you shall suffer my wrath!
L: You impromptu comments and sassy nature.
Me: I have no clue if that’s a compliment or not.
L: *smirks*

13. How and when did we first meet?

L: 1st April 2014. First day of school.
Me: It was the 15th actually.
L: Oh right! We started speaking much later though. In September I think.

14. What’s the craziest thing we’ve done together?

L: *blank look*
Me: We’re too normal aren’t we?
L: *sighs* Yep.

15. Any final comments for the readers?

L: Although I’m not a book reader myself – as far I’ve known Vikki, anything she selects is perfect. Even when it comes to choosing a best friend. I bet her blog recommendations are equally amazing. Also Vix I’d suggest you to start writing literary stuff as well and post them, because you’ve got a good hold on words, grammar and language. I’m sure you’d nail that too!

Talking more about her, she’s a great friend. I’m saying this from personal experience, whenever I’m stressed or irritated by anything I just start texting her. Her sassy remarks on the most serious situations can make everyone’s day.

But no, jokes apart, she’s actually a great problem solver (who is somehow not able to solve her own problems o.O) and she’s super fun! You’ll never get bored when you’re around her. Unless she starts talking about books, which totally goes over my ahead. *snooze*

And that’s all for today. While I’ve spoken a lot about myself on these blogs I wanted an external perspective, and although I’m pretty sure this post is slightly biased,  I hope you all got to know just a little more about me!

Thank you so much Leo for doing this. I had so much fun with this “interview” even if it was just an excuse to see if you pay attention to what I say (clearly you’re lagging a little :P) .

For all you readers, hope you enjoy this post and have a great day!


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