Riverdale: Countdown to Finale – Who Killed Jason Blossom?

For those of you who haven’t watched the series Riverdale yet but intend to soon, I should warn you – SPOILER ALERT. I’m going to be talking extensively about what happened on the show and it will most definitely ruin the show for you if you read this post – so read at your own risk!

The countdown to the finale of Season 1 of Riverdale has begun! As some of you might know, the last episode airs on 11th May 2017. While the latest episode has already revealed who killed Jason Blossom, the next episode promises to reveal the motive. So lets talk about the penultimate episode of Riverdale!

The episode begins where the previous ends, with FP Jones under arrest for the murder of Jason Blossom and Archie and Veronica realizing that he had been framed.

I never believed that FP was the killer personally. He was the very obvious Red Herring and his confession was obviously fake since we already knew that it was Hal Cooper (a.k.a Betty’s Dad) who stole the files on the Jason Blossom murder. So why did he confess?

Again, the motive for his confession seemed pretty obvious. The only thing that could’ve coerced FP into confession would be a threat to his son – i.e. Jughead.


The show ended with the gang finding CCTV footage that showed Mr. Blossom, i.e. Jason’s father killing him which, not to be a buzzkill again, seemed likely too. Mr. Blossom has always been a prime suspect for the murder in all fan theories. When Cheryl confronts her father about the murder, he subsequently commits suicide.

We also find out in the episode that the Coopers were originally Blossoms, which means Jason and Polly are related. This finally sheds some light on why Hal was so against the relation.


I loved how much Archie was finally involved in the episode. Despite being the central character in the comics, Archie was coming off more and more as a sidekick in the story line but this episode finally gave him a central role. Cheryl’s involvement in the story was also amazingly done. The moment when she Betty tells her that Mr. Blossom was responsible for Jason’s death was so beautiful and so intense.


One thing that did surprise me was the fact that Mrs. Blossom wasn’t involved in Jason’s murder. From the start, it was always suspected that the Blossoms were in on it together.

As for next episode, we will finally found out why Jason was murdered. Somehow I’m still skeptical about the murderer being Mr. Blossom because it seems too easy. The  previews seem to suggest that the motive for the murder will be revealed and the top contenders for motive right now are –

  1. Jason and Polly are related, and hence when Mr. Blossom found out that Polly was pregnant, he lashed out

    This theory seems very unlikely to me since he willingly invited Polly Cooper to stay with them at the Blossom Mansion, and accepted the baby freely.

  2. Jason refused to inherit the maple business.

    This could be a motive, but is that really enough to kill your own son? I suspect there is another motive behind his death.

And thats all for today. If you are watching Riverdale – Why do you think Jason Blossom was killed? What was the motive? What surprise do you think we’ll get in the season finale? Do leave your answer in the comments!

Have a great day!



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