Doctor Who Season 10 – New Companion i.e. Bill Potts

As always with these posts – SPOILER ALERT! I’m going to be ranting extensively about the latest season of one of my favorite shows – Doctor Who!

That’s right! I finally got to see the first episode of season 10. The episode is interestingly titled “The Pilot” which just reminded me of new beginnings (since first episodes of most series are titled Pilot). The season is definitely a new beginning for Peter Capaldi a.k.a. Twelve since he has lost all his memories of Clara. *sob sob*


The episode introduced the new companion to the Doctor i.e. Bill Potts, played by Pearl Mackie. This was announced on April 23rd, 2016 itself, and ever since the announcement, I’ve always been rooting for her because she seemed great even in the introduction. Sure enough, I loved her in “The Pilot”. While I loved Clara, Bill seems more laid-back, innocent and fun which is a refreshing change.


Another companion to the Doctor now is Nardole played by Matt Lucas. Nardole was introduced in the Christmas Special itself and is the first alien companion to the Doctor in the revived series. I’m still reserving judgment on Nardole but he seems cool enough.


The episode was simply perfect and reminiscent of everything I love about Doctor Who. It was the right mix of mystery, science and of course – running. The Doctor and Bill investigate a puddle on campus, in which the reflection seems off. The puddle turns out to be living fluid from an alien spaceship that eventually claims Bill’s friend Heather and then sets out after Bill.

The season shows so much promise! I didn’t love the previous season as much as the rest, but Season 10 seems to be returning the Doctor to his original form. Bill is ador-k-able and since she is the first companion change in 4 seasons, it is lovely to see her slowly adapting to the idea of the Doctor and TARDIS.

My favorite moment in the show was when Bill tells the Doctor – “I know you don’t seem like a very Sci-Fi kind of guy but you have to believe me” and then turns around and walks right into the TARDIS! Her expression is priceless.

Like I’ve said before, there’s a lot to look forward to but here’s what captured my interest the most in the previews for Season 10



That’s right! Missy’s coming back! Who else is super excited for that episode?

Anyways, I can’t wait for more of Season 10 and naturally the ending is going to be super sad because there’s a regeneration coming. Peter Capaldi has already announced that this is his last season and I’m going to hate see him go – and as always, regenerations are always so terribly painful.

That’s all for today! Have any of you started the latest season of Doctor Who? If you have what do you think about Bill and Nardole and Season 10 in general? Do leave your views in the comments because I love hearing from you all so very much!

Have a great day!


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