Guest Post – Vikki

So I’ve been planning to do a Guest Post and I reached out to Silas and I’m so glad he agreed. Thank you so much Silas @thekayasthajournal for the lovely post! I’ll be posting an interview with him real soon too so stay tuned.

My weird, crazy and mundane life Journal

Hey everyone! Time for a fun post! This post is about a small interview I had with Vikki @Meandmymundanelife. The blog has an amazing collection of book, its the best and do check it out guys!

So here we go!

1-  Introduce yourself to everyone.

Hi everyone! My name is Vikki P. I’m 19 years old and a very new addition to the blogosphere. My blog the “The Mundane Teenage Life” has been up and running since January 25th 2017 and it mainly revolves around my life, interests, opinions and views. Since I am an avid reader, the blog has taken a central theme of books but I do indulge other interests too – primarily TV series, Movies, Music and certain private entries such as travelogues.

This is my first guest post and I was really happy when Silas and I planned this out. So thanks a lot for…

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