Top 5 Thursdays #5 Amazing Mothers from TV *Mothers Day Special*

Hi all and welcome to Top 5 Thursdays! Top 5 Thursday is a segment that I write on my own on every Thursday that coincides with my alternate day blogging schedule. I use these posts to share my non book-related interests with you.

In honor of Mothers Day coming up this weekend, I thought why not do a post about strong Mother figures from various TV Shows. Since I’m not going to be with my mother this weekend, this post is totally dedicated to the coolest, most loving person in my life – Happy Mothers Day in advance mum!

So here we go –


Martha Rodgers is played by Susan Sullivan and she’s the mother of Richard Castle, and grandmother to Alexis. She is such a free spirit and an amazing character and her closeness with Alexis and Castle is adorable!


Claire Dunphy is played by Julie Bowen and she’s the mother of the Dunphy family i.e. Haley, Alex and Luke. Claire shows both sides as a woman – the strong independent woman that is out working for a living, and the overprotective mother constantly worried about her children. Throughout the show, she’s always trying to make sure her children make the best possible choices in life, and is always supporting them in every possible way.


Gloria is another character from Modern Family played by Sophia Vergara. She has two sons – Manny and Joe and she loves them unconditionally. The show often employs a theme of Manny and Gloria’s relationship being unhealthy, since they are entirely codependent. Nevertheless, Gloria was a single mother and immigrant and yet raised Manny lovingly. Even now as a rich trophy wife, she plays an important role in imbibing Manny with confidence to pursue whatever he wants.


Hermione Lodge is played by Marisol Nichols. She is a relatively new addition to this list given that Riverdale just aired its first episode in January. She may not be a perfect person and role model but she nevertheless is a great mother and has an excellent rapport with her daughter, Veronica. The two make a killer Mother-Daughter duo.


Mary Cooper is played by Laurie Metcalf. She’s a model mother – having brought up three children and surviving, despite one of them being the impossible Sheldon. She takes care of and loves Sheldon despite all his little perks and always supports him unconditionally.

And that’s all for today! To all the moms out there Happy Mothers Day, and to my mom – I love you so much! Happy Mothers Day in advance!

Have a great day 🙂


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