Riverdale Season 1 Ends!

At last, Riverdale Season 1 comes to an end! While it has been a great watch all through the season, here’s are the highlights of the last episode of the Season. For all those of you who haven’t watched it yet and plan to soon, SPOILER ALERT!


  • The final reveal about why Clifford Blossom killed his own son was rather anticlimactic. The reveal lasted less then 5 minutes and it seemed like it could have easily been covered in the previous episode itself.
  • The last episode seemed like a slightly unclean end, with the show just tying up loose ends. Other than the cliffhanger at the end, the episode didn’t appeal to me as much as the previous few.
  • While the romance between Archie and Veronica is now common knowledge among the whole town, I was pretty disappointed because Archie seems to have ZERO interest in Veronica. Even all his talk of being in love with Veronica sounded plain fake. I’ve been shipping Veronica and Archie from the start so it is pretty disappointing. For example, look how amazing they are in this picture –


  • Despite popular opinion, I actually liked Cheryl in the show. All this while she didn’t seem real – like all her actions were put on just to prove some kind of a point. However her attempted suicide and the burning  of her house were terrifying and you could see the madness in her eyes.

  • While Cheryl’s madness was scary enough, Jughead’s expression as he put on the Southside Serpents’ jacket really got to me. Don’t do that Juggy! Don’t turn over to the dark side!


  • Right until the last episode I loved Hermione Lodge. Despite all the mistakes she’d made, she never stepped behind at being a great mother. Using Veronica to buy out Fred Andrews’ deal with Lodge industries was pretty dark though and I so did not approve of that.
  • Betty and Jug were as usual OTP. Back when the show began, I would’ve definitely be horrified if someone told me those two would get together, but now they’re perfect ❤

    However, Season 2 speculates a rift between them and I’m so not looking forward to that.

  • Betty has a secret older brother! The Coopers never cease to amaze! Whether the eldest Cooper child makes an appearance in Season 2 or not, I hope he turns out to be good and is not scared off by the Cooper crazies.
  • Archie, as usual, seemed overtly 2 dimensional in the episode but the only time he showed some character depth was when he literally broke through ice to save Cheryl.

    Chapter Thirteen: The Sweet Hereafter

    Still have no clue why the other three were just standing and staring as her broke his arm though! Either stop him or help!

And finally talking about the big climax!

  • Fred Andrews was shot! Right in front of Archie’s eyes! NOOOOOOOOO! Fred is literally the only rational character all through the season and I cannot believe this happened!

    Naturally, Fred’s death poses the following questions – Who shot him and was he the intended target or just collateral damage to a robbery gone wrong? Why was he targeted? Is Fred okay? How does this affect Archie? How does this affect Riverdale?


  • Hiram Lodge will be joining the show and is going to be played by Mark Consuelos


  • Reggie has been recast!

    That’s right! Ross Butler is unfortunately overly occupied with 13 Reasons Why so Reggie will now be  played by Charles Melton. I hope this means that Reggie will be more involved in the show, because I hated how little he was there in Season 1.

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