Top 5 Thursdays #6 – Favorite Tourist Spots in Abu Dhabi

Hi all and welcome to Top 5 Thursdays! Top 5 Thursday is a segment that I write on my own on every Thursday that coincides with my alternate day blogging schedule. I use these posts to share my non book-related interests with you. Normally, these include Shows and Movies but since I am on vacation, I thought I’d change things up a little.

Today’s post is about my favorite tourist spots from around Abu Dhabi. I’ve visited these places a couple of times over the past two years, but since there are too many photos to sort through, I will be taking a few off the net. I’ve tried to include facts about the places I truly enjoyed. So here we go –


My first trip to Ferrari World was in October 2015. The three major factors that make it unique are –

  • It is the first Ferrari themed park
  • It holds the record for the largest space frame structure ever built – Space frame is basically an interlocking structure that they’ve used in the roof
  • It has Formula Rossa!

Formula Rossa is the world’s fastest roller coaster, and normally I’m not a fan of rides but this ride goes to 240 km/hr in under 5 seconds! It is a very memorable and terrifying ride, and everyone who comes to Abu Dhabi should definitely check it out.



More commonly known as Grand Mosque, this monument has one of the most beautiful architectural construction I have ever seen; although I don’t claim to be any expert on architecture.The uniqueness of this monument lies in the following –

  • It has the world’s largest Carpet
  • It has the world’s third largest Chandelier

The mosque is just visible on the horizon from my house and it looks majestic. It looks most beautiful when it is lit up at night when you drive past it.



While Corniche is not very popular as a tourist attraction, it is one of my personal favorites. Corniche is a road that runs along the coast and it is a great place for long walks or for cycling as it has great expanses of parks and fountains.

Personally, I like watching sunsets at Corniche because the sky lights up and the whole Abu Dhabi skyline is visible from the coast and it looks magical. I was also there for New Years 2017 and the fireworks display is worth watching!


Emirates Palace is actually a hotel but it has become popular as a tourist spot. The setting is beautiful and the fountains in the back are pretty beautifully lit and make an excellent background for pictures. The steps that lead down to the garden are also lovely.



My family and I discovered Saadiyat by accident but it made for an excellent day out. Saadiyat is really clean and the water is crystal clear. The beach is a lovely place to relax with the family. You can rent out a beach umbrella, soak in the sun for hours and have a pretty relaxing day with your family.

And that’s all for today. More updates on my trip here later.

Hope you have a great day! 🙂



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