Travel Diaries #7 Abu Dhabi

Hi all and welcome to my Travel Diaries. For those of you who missed my previous posts, I am now on vacations from my University and so have come here to Abu Dhabi to spend the holidays with my family. I arrived here on June 2nd and loads has happened since. So here are the highlights of my holiday.

I think the first thing I have to mention in this post is a lovely surprise that my parents planned for me. It was my birthday on June 6th and I was quite disappointed that my Dad won’t be able to be there with me owing to a work trip to Singapore. However, on the day I arrived here, the bell rang at midnight and lo and behold! It was my father! My parents have been trying to work this out for a while and it finally happened. I’m so very happy the entire family could be together for my birthday!

The day after his arrival we all went to this mall on an island, called Yas Island. Yas happens to be one of my favorite malls here because it has an amusement park named Ferrari World and an Ikea attached right to it. Here are a few photos I clicked on the drive there. (These were taken from a moving car so they’re quite blurry)

The view as we approached Yas Mall by car
Ikea on the other side of the road

I really love all the displays in the center of the mall, like the water fountains and models. Here’s one that I really liked. This artificial tree display with its symmetrically and beautifully arranged branches is my submission for the weekly photo challenge – Order.

Here are a couple more pics from the mall.

Later on, we went on to the food court to indulge a cuisine that I had never tried until I got here, but have grown to love – Lebanese food! Hummus and Falafel are now one of my favorites to snack on and the food court has an excellent shop called Lebanese Automatic where the food is divine. In a bid to replicate those results at home, my mum made Hummus and Falafel at home. The Hummus didn’t last long enough to make it into a picture but here’s the falafel –

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-10 at 10.07.49 PM

Coming up with more updates soon, so do stay tuned! Thanks a lot and have a wonderful day!


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