Travel Diaries #8 Abu Dhabi

Today I write to you from the airport after 12+ (!!!) hours of travel! That’s right, adieu Abu Dhabi! I’m off to the second part of my vacation i.e. Singapore. Right now I’m at the Mumbai Airport and will reach Singapore shortly, which means that in the course of two days, I will have been in 3 countries and 4 airports! While all this travel is great, I must say that I’m so relieved that I get to rest soon!

Before I say goodbye to Abu Dhabi altogether, I thought I might share some of the photos I’ve clicked over time here. Here we go –

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-19 at 10.06.04 PM.jpeg
A Camel display at the Airport
WhatsApp Image 2017-06-19 at 10.05.55 PM.jpeg
The traditional clothes of UAE
Another in-focus display – My entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge Focus
Sunset from My Window

Lunch at an Indian Restaurant

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-07 at 1.07.19 AM
Birthday Celebrations – Watching Wonder Woman

And with that, my trip here comes to an end! Stay tuned for my Travel Journal to Singapore, and in case you guys have any recommendations for places to visit there or any advice, please do share in the comments!

Thanks a lot and have a wonderful day!


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