100 Followers! A Big Thank You!

That’s right! I was just browsing through my stats when I realized – The Mundane Teenage Life now has 100 fantabulous (fantastic+fabulous obviously) followers!

When I started this blog just under 5 months ago, it was a completely impulse decision and I never expected anyone would be interested in my musings. However, the past 5 months have been an excellent learning experience and I am so very grateful to all my lovely readers. You guys have been patient, supporting, encouraging and this has made me so much more confident as a writer!

Here are the posts that have been most popular in the short time I’ve been blogging –

Secret Life of a Book Blogger Tag

Top 5 Wednesdays – Summer Reads

Books I Want to Own a Copy of

The Greek Gods Book Tag

Top 5 Wednesdays – Books For Your Hogwarts House i.e. Hufflepuff!

This small little milestone has really made my day and I thought in honor of it I could do a small Q and A next week, so in case you have any questions at all, be it about books, shows, movies or my life please do leave it in the comments and I promise to come back with any and all answers!

I cannot possibly thank you all enough! You’ve all been so freaking amazing and I’m absolutely in love with our little blogging community.


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