Top 5 Thursdays #9 – Favorite Movies Based on Books

Hi everyone welcome to Top 5 Thursdays. Top 5 Thursdays is my own segment that I write on every Thursday that coincides with my alternate day schedule. I use these posts to share my non-bookish interests with you. However, in keeping with the previous posts tradition, this post has a slight book element i.e. My favorite movies that are based on books.

Ready? Here we go!



Yes I know. The book was pretty much nothing like the movie. The only thing partially similar was the names of the characters and even that wasn’t followed thoroughly. However, it is based on a book and I absolutely love the movie. I’ve read the books and they weren’t really my cup of tea but HTTYD is my all time favourite movie and I’ve rewatched it so very many times!


Image result for paper towns

I loved Paper Towns the book and I knows a lot of fans were disappointed because the story in the movie was changed so much. But if you try viewing the movie without any preconceptions, the movie in itself is actually quite nice. I didn’t really like movie Margo much but I loved movie Q -maybe even a little more than book Q! The movie was actually pretty well made.


Image result for the book thief

Again, the movie will never be nearly as good as the book. But as far as book to movie adaptations go, I couldn’t complain about this one in particular. The movie was actually pretty true to the book.


Image result for charlie and the chocolate factory

Charlie and the Chocolate factory was my favourite movie growing up. I hadn’t gotten into books yet, so it’s one of the very few movies that I’ve actually seen before I read the book. I loved both so much and they give me such lovely memories of my childhood!


Image result for fault in our stars

I’m one of the few people who read the book before the hype surrounding it came and that slowly ruined it for me. However, the movie was as true to the book as you can get and it is a pretty successful book to movie adaptation.

This post was supposed to contain better pictures of all these movies, so sorry! In my defense, my hostel just blocked WordPress (for Lord knows what reason) from the hostel Wi-Fi and I’ve been reduced to begging people for data just in order to get my posts out and I’ve had to type this on my phone – so forgive me for any typos and editing errors in this post and the next few. I promise, once I have this figured out, I’ll be back in full swing.

And that’s all for today! Hope you have a great day!

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