Top 5 Thursday #11 – Shows I’m Looking Forward to this Fall

Hi everyone and welcome to Top 5 Thursday! Top 5 Thursday is my very own segment that I do on every Thursday that coincides with my alternate day posting schedule. I use these to share my non-bookish interests with you. It has been quite a while since I’ve managed to post one of these thanks to exams and laptop troubles but I’m back now!

It is the fall of season premieres and so I had to list the shows I’m looking forward to this fall. While there are quite a few, I only listed my favorite 5. I’ve included the YouTube link for the promos in the heading in case any of you would like to check them out.

Here we go!


Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 4 ended with Rosa and Jake being sentenced to prison and I absolutely need to know what happens next! I miss Jake and Amy and Charles and all of them awesome people.

Image result for brooklyn nine nine season 5


Is it only me or is that trailer terrifying? I can’t believe Riverdale is going so dark and I am intrigued! Cheryl at the end of the trailer really is freaky.

I did multiple posts about Riverdale while Season 1 was going on and the same shall be true of Season 2. I even plan to do a post on all the details we know so far before the show releases so stay tuned.

Image result for riverdale season 2


I’ve watched every trailer possible for this show and its simply adorable! I love the casting choice for the entire Cooper family. Even though the Big Bang Theory has slowly lost its charm over the years, I really do hope Young Sheldon turns out to be just as brilliant as I want it to be.

Related image


Will Amy say yes? I need to know! Ugh! (Although I highly suspect she will, given their history)

Image result for the big bang theory season 11


Although the series is a little cheesy, its weirdly addictive and I need to watch. Besides, the trailer is pretty dark so I want to see if the series is in for a major change or not.

Image result for supergirl season 3

And that’s all for today! What are some of the shows you’re looking forward to this fall? Do leave your favorites in the comments!

Until next time

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