Travel Diaries #12 Shanghai

Hello from Shanghai everyone and welcome to another edition of my Travel Diaries! Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting pictures from my trip to the beautiful city of Shanghai! These are all simple photos from my phone, as I am no photographer but I do want to share these experiences with you and I do hope you enjoy them. You can find links to my previous Travel Diaries here. Here we go!

My trip began with as almost all do – with a flight. I took a stopover flight at Fuzhou and here are a couple of photos I clicked there –

A display at the Fuzhou Airport
The view from the Airport with the mountains in the distance

After arriving at Shanghai we took the MagLev train which was an absolutely fantastic experience! It was my first time travelling on MagLev so it was pretty cool. Here are the highlights –

The Maglev station
A statue outside the station. I could see statues like these guarding the entrance of almost every mall we crossed. This is the male lion on the right, while the female stands on the left with her cub.
The train that we took
A view of the Shanghai Pudong airport from the train
A speedometer on the train that showed us the maximum speed of the train i.e. 300 km/hr

The view from the train (please don’t mind the glare from the window – sorry!) –



And that was my first day! More updates will be up soon, until then stay tuned for more about my trip. I hope you have a lovely day!

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