100 Truths Tag

Okay then! Prepare yourself for an EXTREMELY long post!

While I’ve done a lot of Book Tags, I felt like sharing a little more about myself with you and I saw this tag floating around and it seemed like a whole lot of fun. I know it’s really really long so it’s totally cool if you skip over reading most of this is, but here’s a little more about My Mundane Life!

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1 What’s your name?

As sad as it is that I’m starting of the 100 TRUTHS Tag on this note – I haven’t shared my real name online yet so I’m going to hold off on this one. Sorry!

2 Any nicknames or aliases?

Vikki! That’s my nickname and the one I use on the blog

3 Your gender?


4 Your star sign?


5 How old are you?


6 Your relationship status?

So single that it’ll be a miracle if I don’t die alone Married to books?

7 Any children?

Ha no! I’m only 20! I’m still in college

8 Any pets?

I wish 😦

9 Any tattoos or piercings?

Both my ears are pierced since I was a kid

10 What do you like about yourself?

I like that I’m deeply attached to my family and my blog! Both are my lifelines!

11 What do you dislike about yourself?

I hate confrontation which means I LITERALLY never speak up even when I know the other person is wrong. I’ve also been struggling a lot with under-confidence these days and it has me really worried.

12 Righty or lefty?


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13 The last thing you drank:

Chocolate Milk!

14 The last thing you ate:

Pizza and Garlic Bread

15 Your last phone call:

My mom! I pretty much talk to her all day

16 Your last text message:

My dad asking me to let him into the building

17 Your last email:

An auto-approval email from SkyHorse Publishing on NetGalley! It’s my second auto-approval and I’m so happy!

18 The last song you listened to:

Gorgeous by Taylor Swift

19 The last book you read:


War Storm by Victoria Aveyard


20 The last time you cried:

I actually don’t know. I don’t keep tallies.

21 The last blog you read:

Angelica@TheBookCoverGirl’s post of a 100 Truths Tag! That’s where I found this amazing tag

22 The last person you spoke to:

My dad. We’re currently trying to switch on our glitching TV to watch the World Cup!

23 The last place you visited:

I just came back from a vacation to Shanghai yesterday and now I’m in Singapore! If you’re talking about places around me, I just came back from the grocery story.

24 Your last holiday abroad:

Shanghai! It was an amazing trip.

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25 Have you ever gotten back with an ex?

Don’t have one so nope.

26 Have you ever been cheated on?

See above

27 Have you ever cheated on someone?

And again

28 Have you ever lost someone special to you?

No and for that I’m grateful

29 Have you ever been so drunk you threw up?

I don’t drink. Wow I must sound boring xD

30 Have you ever fallen out of love with someone?

You need to fall in to fall out.

31 Have you ever met someone who changed you?

Sure. Loads of people. Every person I become close to changes me in some way or the other. Some changes I’m proud of, others not so much.

32 Have you ever been in a situation where you found out who your real friends are?

Very recently in fact.

33 Have you ever kissed someone you probably shouldn’t have?


34 Have you ever found out people were talking about you behind your back?


35 Have you ever broken someone’s heart?

I highly doubt it?

36 Have you ever kissed a stranger?


37 Have you ever had your own heart broken?

Well that depends. I haven’t had my heart broken by a romantic relationship but sure I’ve felt heartbroken because of things my so-called-friends did.

38 Have you ever had sex on the first date?


39 Have you ever been arrested?

Nope. I NEVER take risks so I feel like I’m incapable of it.

40 Have you ever been attracted to someone that isn’t the gender you usually find attractive?


41 Have you ever done something you regret?

Everyday. To err is human after all

42 Have you ever had a threesome?


43 Have you ever embarrassed yourself in public?


44 Have you ever misjudged someone?

Yes but in a different way then you might think. I always assume the best of those close to me and it’s a rude awakening when I realize just how wrong I was.

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45 Do you believe in God?

I don’t know?

46 Do you believe in yourself?

Not anymore but I’m working on it and I’m going to fix it before this year ends.

47 Do you believe in Santa Claus?

Actually my family lives in India and we don’t even celebrate Christmas so no. My parents always do get us presents though – any excuse for a present!

48 Do you believe in ghosts?


49 Do you believe in aliens?

Maybe but I don’t believe in the kind of aliens that invade planets and attack humans if that makes any sense? In Dan Brown’s Deception Point they believed that aliens were more likely to be non-intelligent forms like bugs or insects and I feel like that”s definitely a distinct possibility. There might be intelligent life forms too but I’m slightly more skeptical about those.

50 Do you believe in miracles?

I wish I did

51 Do you believe in the power of positive thinking?

Now more than ever and I need to work on it

52 Do you believe in love at first sight?

Nope. I haven’t been in love yet but I presume it requires a certain level of understanding

53 Can money make you happy?

Maybe? But I don’t think my happiness completely depends on it

54 Would you describe yourself as a feminist?

Sure. I believe in gender equality but I guess I’m not as proactive about it as I should be

55 Are you pro-life or pro-choice?

Uh. I’ve never thought about it too much but I guess I’m pro-choice.

56 Do you have strong political beliefs?

Not really

57 Do you have strong religious beliefs?

Not really

58 What do you think the most important thing you can give a child is?

A happy home and the freedom to carve their own paths in life.

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59 Are you eating anything right now?

I AM SO HUNGRY even though I just ate pizza. Better find something to eat.

60 Are you drinking anything right now?

Nope but I’m definitely going to make myself a Cold Coffee now.

61 What are you listening to right now?

Girls Like You by Maroon 5

62 What are you thinking about right now?

About my new Kindle that arrives in 5 days. PRECIOUS. I CANNOT WAIT.

63 What are you waiting for right now?

My mom  and brother to return from their trip! I haven’t seen them in 4 months and I miss them so much but they get back here in 5 days (WITH MY NEW KINDLE)

64 What are you most excited about right now?


65 What’s your pet peeve right now?

People expecting me to always be the first person to call or text and then getting mad if I don’t. You have a phone to you know? Leave your ego behind for one freaking second and you’ll find your life much better.

66 What’s your favorite thing right now?

I bought a new top with a cold shoulder. It’s very unusual for me because I usually buy very simple clothes so I’m super excited to wear it

67 If you weren’t answering these questions, what would you be doing right now?

I don’t know? Watching TV? Reading a book?

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68 Your first best friend:

No names but her name starts with an M (so does mine actually). Our families were pretty close when we were in kindergarten but she’s grown up into kind of a snob (and that’s me being nice).

69 Your first kiss:

*sigh* I’ll tell you when it happens.

70 Your first celebrity crush:

Bradley James! He plays Arthur in Merlin.

71 Your first vacation:

Uh. I don’t remember so I’ll go with my first vacation abroad instead. It was to Abu Dhabi about 2 years back and it was AWESOME.

72 Your first pet:

Never had one.

73 Your first regret: 

I don’t even remember? I have so many. For example I remember when I was 6, I broke the mouse to the computer and blamed it on my 2 year old brother who couldn’t speak yet. Anyways he got yelled at by my parents and cried and I felt so guilty but I didn’t want to confess either. I finally did the next day

74 Your first job:

I’m still in college. Never had one.

75 Your first childhood memory:

I was 3. It was my first day back in school after the summer holidays and I didn’t want to go so I tried to pretend that I was asleep but my mom carried me to school anyways and I started bawling right until I reached school and my mom handed me to the teacher. I finally quieted down when she gave me a piece of candy and completely forgot about my mom as soon as I saw my friends.

My first vivid childhood memory though is when I found that my brother was born and my grandparents took me to the hospital to meet him. I was 4 and I felt like I could never be happier. I’d never tell him this (because siblings don’t need all the power, duh?) but I love him so much, even though he’s now a teenager that avoids me at all costs. My life became about 20 more times awesome after he was born and I’m always going to treat him like a baby even if it embarrasses him to the core.

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76 Love or money?


77 Twitter or Facebook?

Facebook although I wouldn’t mind choosing neither.

78 Hook up or relationship?

Relationship all the way

79 Dogs or cats?


80 Coffee or tea?

Coffee. I prefer Iced.

81 Beer or wine?

I don’t drink

82 Sweet or savoury?

Mostly sweet

83 Introvert or extrovert?

Introvert all the way

84 Vampires or werewolves?


85 Seaside or countryside?

Seaside ❤

86 Summer or winter?


87 Books or movies?

Take a wild guess xD

88 Horror or comedy?


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89 Do you wish you could change your past?

Not all of it, but some things sure. Mistakes I made, people I chose, roads not taken and so on.

90 What’s your dream job?

Ah. Touchy subject. Something to do with books if I could.

91 What’s your guilty pleasure?

I don’t have one! I’m not guilty about anything that I enjoy doing

92 What are you afraid of?

Lizards (eurgh) and Heights

93 What was the first thing you wanted to be when you grew up?

A Doctor? But not really. It was mostly just what my family wanted from me

94 If you could have any super power, what would it be?


95 If you could change anything about your life what would it be?

Currently? I wish I could stay with my family and not have to attend a University so far away from them.

96 Would you want immortality?

Nope. I don’t think I could bear everyone leaving me behind.

97 If you could interview anyone alive or dead who would you choose?

Maybe John Green? Only because I’ve seen a couple of his videos from VlogBrothers and he seems like a fun guy to talk to.

98 Would you say you are happy?

On a scale of 1 to 10 I’m usually a 9. I’m more of a 7 for the past two months though.

99 What one piece of advice would you give to yourself at age eighteen?

Wow that’s just 2 years ago so I would say, stop giving a single shit about what anybody else says or expects from you. It’s your life and you deserve to live it on your own terms.

100 Where would you like to be in five years’ time?

Living in an apartment that’s close enough to my family so I can meet them everyday, with a good stable job, a small home library and a refrigerator bursting with food.

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Okay wow. That was a lot but I hope I kept you entertained. If you like this tag, consider yourself tagged.

And that’s all for today! Hope you have a great day! Until next time –

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