Book Review – Always and Forever, Lara Jean by Jenny Han

Title – Always and Forever, Lara Jean (#3 To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before)

Author – Jenny Han

Genre – Contemporary, Romance, Young Adult

My Rating – 3/5

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Goodreads LinkLara Jean is having the best senior year.

And there’s still so much to look forward to: a class trip to New York City, prom with her boyfriend Peter, Beach Week after graduation, and her dad’s wedding to Ms. Rothschild. Then she’ll be off to college with Peter, at a school close enough for her to come home and bake chocolate chip cookies on the weekends.

Life couldn’t be more perfect!

At least, that’s what Lara Jean thinks . . . until she gets some unexpected news.

Now the girl who dreads change must rethink all her plans—but when your heart and your head are saying two different things, which one should you listen to?

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Reason I Read it – I liked the first book and felt like reliving the series when I watched the movie To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

Cute. Emotional. But ultimately – Pointless.

People who love this series probably aren’t going to appreciate my review. While Always and Forever, Lara Jean is marginally better than the second book of the series (P.S. I Still Love You), it still doesn’t impress. All the book does is wrap up Lara Jean’s story in a neat little bow and it does so by stretching on meaninglessly for over 300 pages. The entire story could just as well have been made into a short novella instead, and I probably would have loved it more. Moreover, there is no other point to the story at all, and it just feels like random days of Lara Jean’s senior year are strung together for the reader.

Nevertheless, there are some merits to the story. I did love getting more material on the Song girls and Peter K. The 3 stars I’ve given this book are primarily because of Peter, whom I couldn’t stop picturing as Noah Centineo.

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My favorite Peter moment from the movie

Another thing that I loved was that I could see how much Lara Jean and Peter have matured over the years. Instead of making all the big decisions in her life based on “young love” as has always been the case in the series, for once Lara Jean thought about what was best for herself in the long run and made mature and practical decisions. I loved that.

Always and Forever, Lara Jean is a decent enough ending to a sweet series. It’s cutesy, adorable and emotional and would definitely appeal to all those who love Jenny Han’s works.

Overall, I give the book 3 out of 5 stars.

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And that’s all for today! Hope you have a great day! Until next time –

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