Review Policy

Before contacting me for review requests, please read through the following guidelines –

  • The genres I’m most likely to accept are Young Adult, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Mystery, Suspense and Thriller but I do occasionally accept requests from other genres too.
  • Upon receiving a request, I generally reply within 1-2 days and I will inform you if I am unable to accept any books at the moment.
  • If you do have a time constraint on reviews, please specify that in the  initial E-mail itself. As I currently have a number of books for review lined up, it may not be possible to read and review your book immediately. In this event, please do not spam me with messages. I generally have a review schedule in place and will inform you if I anticipate a long waiting period to get to your book.
  • All reviews will be posted on my blog, Twitter, and Goodreads and a few select ones will be reviewed on Amazon too.
  • As I have an obligation to be honest to my readers, not all reviews can be positive. However, in the event that I do not like a book, I will handle the review as respectfully as possible to both the author and the book. I certainly will not trash a book in my reviews.
  • I generally prefer print copies of books and as I am currently studying in India, please contact me only if you are willing to mail books here.
  • In some cases, I’m also willing to accept eBooks in Mobi format alone.

If the above conditions are acceptable to you please contact me using the Contact Form or directly mail me on