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Hi everyone! It’s been kind of a hectic week and I’ve had no time to write one out of the dozens of book reviews I’m left with, so I found this fun tag for today’s post instead! I wasn’t tagged for it, so I’m leaving it as an open tag for any of you who enjoys it. Here we go –

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Recently Watched – The last book you finished reading


The Martian by Andy Weir. This was a reread of one of my favorite books ever!

Top Picks – A book recommended to you based off another book you read


I’m totally going to ripoff the above answer by going with Artemis by Andy Weir. I was recommended it solely because I loved The Martian. However, I didn’t end up enjoying it really so it was a disappointment.

Recently Added – The book you most recently bought


Queen of Air and Darkness by Cassandra Clare! I’ve been dying to read this one! Can’t wait!

Popular on Netflix – One book you’ve read and one book you haven’t read that everyone talks about

One book I’ve read: There are plenty. I’m currently reading the Harry Potter series so there’s that!

One book I haven’t read: A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas. I keep meaning to read it but I just never get the time!

Comedies – Name a funny book


Even though it isn’t a very famous book, I loved Workman’s Complication by Rich Leder. I received the book on a review request and the entire series was absolutely hilarious!

Dramas – Name a character who is a drama king/queen

Mare Barrow from Red Queen. I just found her to be such a DIVA! Totaly Drama Queen.

Cartoons – Name a book with cartoons on the cover


The first one that comes to mind is Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell!

Watch Again – A book or series you really want to reread

Like I said before, I’m currently rereading Harry Potter for the umpteenth time! It’s so much fun!

Documentaries – A non-fiction you’d recommend to everyone

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Born a Crime by Trevor Noah. Try the audiobook is you can because his voice can make literally anything better!

Action/Adventure – Name an action packed book or series

The Red Queen series by Victoria Aveyard! There’s always something happening, it’s so action packed!

New Releases – A new release you are excited about

Queen of Air and Darkness! I cannot wait to read it!

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And that’s all for today! If you enjoyed this post, please consider yourself tagged! Hope you have a great day! Until next time –

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