Why I Don’t Lend My Books to People Anymore

Among everyone in my ever-changing friend circles, Xavia and I are definitely the ones that read the most. In face we’re almost constantly gifting each other books, collecting e-books and giving each other merchandise. Another thing we’re always trying to do is getting other people to just try and read the books we have because we know they’d love it and that’s why I used to lend my books pretty happily to anyone who asks. NO MORE! In fact for almost a year, every time someone who’d ruined a book of mine previously Here are some of the incidents that led me to decide to NEVER lend books to anyone other than the ones I trust.

  1. Dog Ears

Absolutely Not. I don’t know if any of you are the same but it makes me seethe when this happens, even if the book in question doesn’t actually belong to me. It’s like mutilating the book! Use a bookmark – they’re colorful, interesting at times and preserve the book in the way it was meant to be.ohi0251-dogearpage-v3-flat-600

  1. Having to Beg People to Return My Book/Lost Books

This has happened to me more of than I can count. I understand that some people take a while to read but a month is far more than enough, let alone 5-6 months. When you borrow a book, it is your responsibility – At least be a little careful! If you lose it then have the decency to replace it

  1. Bending the Cover all the way back

What did the book ever do to you? Why would you do that to it?!

  1. Soaking Wet

Believe it or not, this has actually happened to me. I once lent my copy of Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief and here’s how I got it back.


She didn’t even replace it or seem even a little apologetic! Just gave it back like this!

  1. Writing on Books

I’m the kind who likes my books perfectly preserved and kept on the bookshelf with that new book smell still intact. Writing just ruins that whole effect.

Well that’s all for today. Are any of you this protective about your books or is it just me? Do leave stuff that annoys you about book borrowers in the comments!


  1. Omigosh, I would have lost it if I had gotten my book back like that with Percy Jackson. I once had a friend return one of my favorite book with a giant rip in the cover (like literally half the book) but she at least offered to buy me a new one. That’s just horrible that that girl never offered or said sorry. 😦 and I so get what you mean about begging for it to be returned. That’s the worst, and why only one friend has book borrowing privileges for me. Wonderful post and you said it so perfectly! 🙂

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  2. The last time I let a friend borrow one of my series, the girl had it for 2 YEARS!! When she finally gave it back to me, she had wrapped them up with a bow and gave them to me as a high school graduation gift. Literally that was her only grad gift to me: returning my own books. What’s worse, there were at least a dozen dog-eared pages per book and each one was full of coffee/food stains. NEVER AGAIN!!! There are currently only two people allowed to borrow my books, and in some cases, I actually have a dedicated “lending copy,” so that I can share my favorite stories with people, without having to risk my books.

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